Delivery Time:  Please allow 24 hours for yearly report and 1-2 weeks for audio consultation

*After purchase you will be redirected to a form to enter all your birth details.


Option 1 - One Year Age Report - $27.00

This full 1 year report will tell you about your birthcard as well as the cards you are being specifically dealt this year. Each card is derived from your birthday and your current age. It is these cards and their meanings along with astrological influence that tell us what to expect this year.  Every card in your yearly spread is laid out and described in an organized manner. If you do not want a report for your current age then please specify what age you want in your after purchase form. (you will be directed to a form to enter your birth details after paypal purchase)

This is not a consultation. This is a computerized annual card report that will help you self-learn. Please allow delivery 24 hours.


Option 2 - Audio Consult & One Year Age Report - $120.00

This option is for those who want an in-depth personal card reading.  With purchase you will receive a 25-30 minute audio recording from me interpreting your cards for the age specified. I will go through each planetary period of your specific card spread providing insights (with dates) of potential opportunities/events that lie ahead. You will also receive option 1; a full computerized annual card report with guidance to self-learn.

Please note that audio consultations can take 1-2 weeks for delivery. Audio time can vary depending on all information received.  


  • 25-30 minute audio consult 
  • Option 1